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Penny Sullivan is an ACE certified group fitness instructor over 20 years, certified in Pilates Mat I and II PIA, Barre/The Balanced Body Barre Method and Leslie Bender Barre method and has extensive ballet and modern dance training. She has taught all over the U.S. From Los Angeles, Ca., Denver, Co., New York City, N.Y. and here in the Philly area for the past 15 years.

Penny is known for her consistency and creativity having been in the dance and fitness industry either as a performer or teacher/trainer for over 30 years! Growing up in NYC, she studied with the best mentors from NYC Ballet, Paul Taylor Dance Company, and the Martha Graham school of dance while enjoying the hard core fitness scene as well. She wanted a form of fitness that combined both the artistry of dance and the sweat factor of fitness, created a signature class/method of training that combines traditional fitness exercises with basic ballet, Pilates and yoga sequences. A hybrid of dance and fitness that anyone can do, long before the barre craze took hold of the fitness industry. Her classes and private sessions are never the same but always complete and balanced with upper body work, core strength, posture and balance exercises, flexibility training and lower body blasts.

When you train with Penny, you will always feel great after a workout, mentally and physically, clear headed and strong! She truly enjoys watching her clients discover the power and strength of their bodies.