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Alexandra Stoddart grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and quickly found comfort in organized sports and physical activity.  

Formerly a Division 1 swimmer at La Salle University, Alex is no stranger to what it takes to create formula for fitness and health success. With 9+ years of coaching experience,  Alex strives to motivate, educate and empower her clients, giving them the tools to help shift the direction of their lives.  Her deep passion for fitness, wellness and community building has led Alex to fully commit herself to a live of purpose and a career in personal training.

Her dynamic circuit training sessions provide clients with a full body workout routine incorporating strength, cardio and flexibility.. When possible, Alex loves to bring the gym outdoors and explore the wonderful space and energy that nature has to offer.

Alex's love and compassion for people is contagious. Her workouts will have you sweating, smiling and coming back for more!

Life Moto: Balance is key - Health is a necessity.
Move every damn day!