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What's your GOAL? Everybody has one!

Do you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, train for a race, prepare for a big event, we can help you set that goal and GET that GOAL!

The kick off goal setting session consists of nutrition planning, measurements, and baseline fitness testing. Throughout the entire program the coaches help you do do all things large and small to help you stay on track and GET that 6 or 12 week goal!

In the group based Goals programs, 4 training sessions per week are offered so there is no excuse for you to get the 12 training sessions in.

Classes are just as important as our training sessions. Take advantage of the built in unlimited class pass and make a commitment to get to as many classes as you can in the 6 or 12 weeks. In the Goals Group sessions we keep tabs on attendance and give prizes out based on best attendance!

We will also motivate one another on our What’s App group. Goals clients can chime in as much or as little as they like to the group. We share motivation, classes we are going to, articles, recipes and meal pics.


Goals@BCH Group is run for predetermined 6 week durations and have preset training days and times. It is for a minimum of 6 and maximum of 16 participants.

Goals@BCH Private is for 6 or 12 week duration and one individual participant. The training schedule is completely customized for that individual.

Goals@BCH Private is for 6 or 12 week duration and for 2 individuals who want to do a program together. The training schedule is completely customized for that duo.


We believe in Balancing from the Inside Out (BIO). We believe that true health means you’re making the right choices for your body because you want to, not because you have to. Once you get started on this path everything else falls into place. We promote balance in all areas of life. It starts with a decision to change… the rest is the easy part! We believe in simplicity: local foods, whole ingredients and easy preparation. Don’t take our word for it… give it a try for yourself. We’ll help you get there.

A Coach will provide you with a customized plan to target your specific goals and needs. Your Coach will help you set goals & track performance data the way that works for you.. Our structured coaching provides you concrete steps and accountability to make the small changes that can add up to big results. Our goal is to start or progress you on an evolving diet and journey to always get healthier.


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