AUGUST 13th to AUGUST 17th

The Balanced Athlete Youth Camp is designed for boys and girls (ages 11-14) to help them grow in body, mind and spirit. We want them to build their self-esteem and develop a strong sense of themselves by incorporating fitness, wellness, mindfulness and the importance of community into their lives in a fun and encouraging environment. 

Each day our camp athletes experience Balance training that includes but goes way beyond physical fitness. They will learn the importance of goal setting, nutrition and active recovery and how that enhances physical performance. They will learn how even at their young ages, mindfulness, meditation and volunteerism can enrich their lives. Each camper will set a goal the first day and create a plan to achieve that goal. Each day we provide a healthy lunch and talk about the best way to fuel their bodies. And each day we take them through our both traditional and more innovative physical fitness experiences as well as some they may not have tried before such as boxing, cycling and yoga/yupping.

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“B” BETTER is a customized variation on Balance Youth Sports Conditioning. It is a closed group class conceptualized by Colleen Magarity (Assistant AD & Head Girls LAX Coach at Penn Charter and Balance Personal Trainer), Mary Dean (Head Girls LAX Coach at Germantown Academy) and Balance Owner, Amy Carolla.

Two teams come together with each other and against each other. Competitors on the field, teammates in the gym.

“B” BETTER is a unique winter training program designed exclusively for GA and PC lacrosse girls. This program will challenge the girls to "B" BETTER than last year and then everyone else in the league.

During a 60 minute customized strength and conditioning workout at Balance, the athletes will be pushed to their potential to get stronger, faster and reach their own personal goals. The sessions will be a great way to enhance the competitive atmosphere in the off season, and coming together as a team before the season.

Following the "B" BETTER training session will be an hour of lacrosse at Penn Charter or Germantown Academy where the teams will play against one another is various settings of 7v7, full field and small sided drills.

“B” BETTER is an example of a currently active custom Youth Sports Conditioning options Balance can deliver to teams and clubs for all sports.

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The goal of BioFit Philly's YSC Program is to build strength and movement patterns that translate into clean, explosive athletic movement, in a program appropriately designed for the needs of young, developing athletes. Our athletes are meticulously tested, trained according to their unique results, and retested to determine progress along the way.


Athletes must commit to consistently show up, work hard, pay attention, and maintain discipline during each workout. The quality in a strength and conditioning program is predicated upon understanding WHY they’re doing specific work; no one wants to commit to amorphous purposes. If you don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish you can’t put 100% effort into it!

We work Smarter as well as Harder, so attention to instruction is vital! The way we develop strength may be different than what you’ve experienced before. But if you buy in, you’ll adopt a whole-body, systemic approach to building healthy, strong, injury-free athletic bodies.

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Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4:30-5:30
16 (60 minute) sessions over 6 weeks

Contact Coach Scott, if you have any questions about the YSC Program or if you want to schedule a training consultation for your student athlete.

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